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At the beginning of 2015, funds that support our broadband outreach, education, and assistance programs ceased. We are no longer able to make updates to Tennessee's broadband maps and research, validate broadband service coverage, or accept, maintain, and liaise broadband inquiries from residents or communities seeking broadband access or increased broadband speeds.

Access to broadband is important to all. Connected Tennessee will continue to work to restore state funding in order to continue to serve as the state's reliable resource for broadband questions and concerns from providers, state and local officials, businesses, communities, and residents.

Here's how you can help! 

Please let your state representatives in the Tennessee House & Senate know that you value Connected Tennessee's programs, that you miss the various broadband and technology resources from Connected Tennessee, and encourage your state leaders to take action to reinstate Connected Tennessee's programs. Find the phone number or e-mail address for your elected officials using the Find My Legislator option at

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